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Requirements for Students Entering

Uzņemšana 1. klasē

Bērnu 1.klases pretendentu sarakstā var reģistrēt PIRMDIENĀS no 15.30 līdz 17.30 un TREŠDIENĀS no 8.30 līdz 10.30 skolas 10.telpā.

Nepieciešamie dokumenti:

  1. vecāka pase;
  2. bērna dzimšanas apliecība.

Before entering the first form it is necessary to choose  one of the two educational programmes:

  1. Humanitarian and Social pragramme (Curriculum),
  2. Maths and Science programme (Curriculum).

Humanitarian and Social programme offers:

  • bilingual (Russian and Latvian) study of the school subjects,
  • the profound study of the English language,
  • the study of the certain subjects (Social Studies, Science) in English.

Maths and Science programme offers:

  • the study of all the subjects in Latvian,
  • the profound study of Maths, natural science subjects and computer studies,
  • the study of the English language,
  • the optional study of the Russian language.

The results of the implementation of these programmes will help to come to the right decision of choosing  this particular school.

Uzņemšana 10. klasē

Riga Secondary School 34 offers 2 programmes of the secondary education:

  1. Compulsory education programme (Curriculum).

Compulsory education programme offers a balanced study of all the subjects. It is obligatory to choose the second foreign language (German, French or Chineese).

  1. Maths and Technical programme as well as Chemistry and Biology programme (Curriculum).

Maths and Technical programme gives the students the opportunity for intensified studying of Maths and Physics.

Chemistry and Biology programme gives the students the opportunity for intensified studying of Chemistry abd Biology.

Both programmes suppose a profound study of the English language

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