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The School Parliament has been in effect since 2004. The students of Forms 8 - 12 work in the School Parliament.

Members of the School Parliament cooperate with Riga School Dome, Daugavpils Secondary School No.3 and some other Riga schools.

The School Parliament elections are held once in two years. Election campaigns, candidates’ speeches with programmes outlining take place prior to vote. The whole school participates in the open vote. Any student of the secondary level who takes active part in the school life can be elected President.

Graduates admit that the work in the School Parliament guarantee ample pracrice in organising skills development.

Traditional events, organised by the School Parliament:

  • festive concerts;
  • games;
  • meetings with interesting people;
  • masquerade balls;
  • miscellaneous activities for the students and teachers.

The School Parliament also informs all the students, including the former ones, about the school activities.

 Skolas Parlamenta dalībnieku saraksts 2018./2019.m.g.

 Skolēnu pašpārvaldes darba plans 2018./2019.m.g.


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