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School events list:

  • The Day of Knowledge – the 1st of September;
  • Teachers' Day;
  • Events organised for the European Day of Languages;
  • Secondary School Students Initiation;
  • Lacplesis Day, November 11;
  • Patriotic Week;
  • The solemn celebration of the Republic of Latvia Proclamation Day, November 18;
  • School trips;
  • School excursions;
  • Charity activities;
  • Christmas and New Year events;
  • A Factory of Talents Competition;
  • Mother's Day events;
  • School Projects week;
  • Shrovetide;
  • Easter events;
  • St Valentine's Day;
  • The Final School Bell;
  • The School Leavers' Farewell Ball;
  • A Night at School – for the School Parliament;
  • April Fool's Day;
  • The school open doors day;
  • The students' creative work exhibitions;
  • International Women's Day, March 8;
  • Farewell to the Primary School;
  • School sports events during the year.

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