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No kopīgiem pasākumiem uz savstarpējo saprašanos

When we eat something, it is always for a reason. Our food reflects not only our preferences, but also the history and unique culture of our region, social and economic peculiarities of the place we live or grew up in.

This is what we learn from the lecture of the US Embassy legal advisor Ameet Kabrawala, who took 10 Grade students of Riga Secondary School 34 on a virtual New York food tour on September 25th. A New Yorker himself, Ameet reflected the diverse story of immigrants to the city of dreams through the variety of mouth-watering foods one can enjoy in different NY neighborhoods. In exchange students shared the best Riga pizza places and Latvian meals ideas for all four seasons.

The students noted that they need such events, as this is the way to develop their communicative skills and learn more about the diversity of the world.

Our students say: “It was useful as I am thinking about applying for the University abroad and I could communicate with a native speaker”, “We can get to know about other countries and culture not from books but from native speakers”, “It was a real surprise for me to get a small gift for being active and giving precise answers”.

No kopīgiem pasākumiem uz savstarpējo saprašanos

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