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School History

The History of Riga Secondary School 34 started in the school year 1952/1953. It was then when IKGSDT (Executive Committee of the City Council of People's Deputies of Riga) made a decision that Riga 7-year School 40 was renamed into Riga Secondary School 34.

Pjotr Ivanovich Vinogradov was appointed for the post of the School Principal.

The first team of teachers of the new school became the teachers of Riga 7-year School 40, and the first graduates in 1955 with a school diploma, issued by Riga Secondary School 34, were the students who started to study in Riga 7-year School 40.

Since 1962, Riga Secondary School 34 had acquired the status of 11-year Secondary School, where the students not only received a school diploma, but also a certificate of a seamstress, a knitter and a locksmith profession.

Since 1963 the school worked as a secondary school with a profound study of some subjects in English (Business English, Technical Translation, English and American Literature). The school offers a profound study of the English language starting with the first grade. Further on since the fifth grade, students have an opportunity to study French and German.

Having chosen the third model of education, the school has successfully integrated into the Latvian environment. Already in the elementary school bilingual teaching of different subjects is being carried out. In the basic and secondary school there is a number of subjects (Music, Art, Economics, Handicraft, Sports, Geography, History, Biology and Social Studies) that are taught in the Latvian language.

The secondary school students are offered two educational programmes: comprehensive and science and mathematics programme, a special attention is paid to creative development of every child's personality. The main principle of the school is a teacher and student cooperation, respect for the child's individuality.

Starting from 1990 Riga Secondary School 34 has actively participated in international programmes: AFS, SOROS Latvia, UNESCO COMENIUS, ERASMUS.

In 2001 Riga Secondary School 34 was awarded with a certificate stating that one of the stars in the constellation of Virgo now bears its name.

The main purpose of the school development is to create a modern democratic school, providing students with a high level of school education, the development of the creative potential of every student.