No kopīgiem pasākumiem uz savstarpējo saprašanos

On 23rd January 2020 eight pupils of Riga Secondary School No34: Olga Križanovska, Liliana Sidorova, Vlass Šišovs, Daniels Karass, Anastasija Smirnova, Valerija Kurilova, Jelizaveta Gerasimova, Marija Bušmanova visited Strasbourg within the framework of “EUROSCOLA” project to discuss topical EU issues.

For one day students were able to take seats in the European Parliament to work in different commisions and submit their own bills.

The topics for discussion and debates were following:

  1. Environment and renewable energy
  2. Security and Human Rights
  3. The future of Europe.
  4. Migration and Integration.
  5. Youth Unemployment.
  6. Young people and Addiction.

The school team was very active in the debate. Anastasija Smirnova represented the team and our country with the speech and Marija Bušmanova reported on a team work in the School Parliament account in Instagram.

The students visited Dresden, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Rothenburg, Warsaw and the excursion at Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart.

Students were supported by Riga Secondary School No34 history teachers: Velta Šulce and Svetlana Sividova.

No kopīgiem pasākumiem uz savstarpējo saprašanos

No kopīgiem pasākumiem uz savstarpējo saprašanos

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