Project "Milk For Schools"

Milk For Schools

Participants: Forms 1 - 9

The European programme Milk For Schools encourages schoolchildren to include dairy products in their daily menu and observe a balanced diet. By enhancing the development of healthy diet habits, which will be necessary in the adult life, the project also plays an educational role. In accordance with this programme, schools and other educational establishments receive the EU financing to ensure the best quality dairy products supply.

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Project "Fruits For School"

Fruits For School

Dates: 11.2015 - 03.2016

Participants: Forms 1 - 9

Curators: R.Mavļina, S.Maļinova

The aim of the project is to enhance healthy eating habits which creates the basis for healthy lifestyle and keeping fit in the future.

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Project StartIT – Computer Science and Java Android

StartIT – Computer Science and Java Android

Dates: 2015/2016 year

Participants: the students of forms 4 and 7 (Computer Science), the students of forms 6 and 9-11 (Java Android)

Curators: E.Neilande and D.Spasjonova (Computer Science), A.Princs and D.Karhu (Java Android)

At the moment IT development is considered to be one of the most important and topical directions in the educational system of Latvia. The reason for that is the growing tendency to use IT not only in everyday life but also in algorithmic thinking development process.

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Project "Global Lesson"

Global Lesson

Dates: 09 - 11.2015

Participants: the students of forms 7 - 8

Curators: J.larina, A.Novožilova, D.Spasjonova

The World’s Largest Lesson is an international action to teach children and teenagers in more than 100 countries about the new Sustainable Development Goals.

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